Clog Squad's Purpose is to Help you Succeed.

Learn on your job site how to overcome the

Each region has unique plumbing challenges, that is why we prefer coming to your work site. We learn through failing having the courage to do it again with the same enthusiasm.  We have made the sacrifice of failing so you don’t have to feel those expensive lessons.  

Learn from Contractors

Our instructors are some of the best drain cleaners, plumbers and reliners in the industry.

They will teach you to be the ones who innovate and invent new ways to get the job done.

Nothing is more satisfying than succeeding after someone else has given up.

Learning how to hit the mark with TARGET LINER.

The Clog Squad, Bing Plumbing, and Vander Kolk Plumbing.

Most Advanced Lining Techniques

Reline inside of a building's plumbing system by learning how to line 2"-3" Y's, T's, and traps faster than spin coating.

Learn how to make end caps on your liners and hit the target.

We will teach you how to save time and money by making your tools.

Leslie from CZAR Plumbing, Texas, proud of lining a Y.

Become a Sewer Surgeon by using a Camera

Sewer cameras are the best tools for plumbing. We will teach you how to camera every size pipe and locate the problem. Record your inspection and turn it into more business.

There is a huge market for camera inspections, and soon most cities will require an inspection with every home and business that sells.

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Lighter, Cleaner and Safer Drain Cleaning

We will bring you out in the field and show you our revolutionary tools and tricks that will save you tons of time and make you lots of money.

You can come here, or we will go to your area and clean drains with you.

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"No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

Clog Squad Academy Powered by:

Clog Squad Academy’s mission to close the skills gap by speaking in schools is funded from selling our partner’s products.

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