R59802 K6 DH Auger Closet


R59802 K6 DH Auger Closet


  • Auger for clearing out clogged toilets and tough blockages
  • Vinyl guard prevents chipping of porcelain during use
  • Durable, kink-resistant toilet auger snake


The RIDGID 6 ft. Toilet Auger with Drop Head is the professional’s choice for quickly opening clogged toilets. It is suitable for both standard and water conserving toilets and provides fast and safe clearing of toilet obstructions. The toilet auger features a vinyl guard to protect the porcelain in the bowl, ergonomic handles, corrosion resistant tube and will work negotiate water-conserving toilets. The toilet auger snake is 1/2 in. reaches 6 ft.and has a Drop Head to clear blockages. The Drop Head is especially good for back-to-back mounted fixtures and severe bends. Includes: K-6 Toilet Auger with Compression-wrapped Inner Core cable and Drop Head auger.

  • RIDGID toilet auger features a vinyl guard to protect porcelain at the throat of the S-bend
  • Strong compression-wrapped inner core cable with three separate wrappings around the central core to power through and clear tough blockages
  • 6 ft. x 1/2 in. toilet auger snake that is kink-resistant and durable
  • Drop head auger is ideal for back-to-back mounted fixtures or severe bends
  • RIDGID toilet auger negotiates water-conserving toilets, WaterSense toilets and water-efficient toilets
  • Large, ergonomically designed handle and corrosion resistant tube
  • Full lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship


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