Products for Keeping America Safe

The plumber’s and drain cleaner’s mantra of ‘Protecting the Health of our Nation’ must go beyond back-flow prevention.  Our responsibility to keep Americans safe must include protection from cross contamination caused from our bodies and tools.

Door Knob Protectors

Keeps our customers and their family, friends, and employees safe from what we get our hands into.

Protective Gloves

Keeps us and our employees clean and safe from the dangerous bacteria, parasites and chemicals found in drains.

Shoe Protectors

Keeps us and the public safe from tracking dangerous bacteria and parasites into homes, hospitals, stores, restaurants, schools, gas stations, you get the point.

Buy Products to Help Keep America Safe

Protect the Health of our Nation with products that limit cross contamination.

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Tools for Getting the Drain Flowing

The difference between Plumbers and Drain Cleaners is; plumber have one or two drum machines that they use occasionally.  Drain Cleaners have Sectional machines, Jetters, Clog Dogs, Flex Shaft and Flush bags that they use everyday.   If you are going to get the job done, it is going to take you everything you got.

Flex Shaft & Piercing Head

By using the Flex Shaft and a piercing head chain knocker you can clear the flow channel 75% to 85% of the time.

If you can’t get a drain flowing with the Flex Shaft machine grab your K-50 and if that don’t work try your jetter.

Ramming Jetter Nozzle

When conditions are right.  Nothing Clears a clog out and gets the water flowing quicker than a Ramming Jetter Nozzle.

If you can’t get a drain flowing with the jetter grab your Flex Shaft and if that don’t work try your K-50.

Ridgid Sectional K-50

Light weight and easy to get into tight spots.  Works great when you have a really long run and have to go out 150′.  If you can’t get a drain flowing with the 50′ grab your Flex Shaft machine and if that doesn’t work try your jetter.

Buy Great Clog Clearing Tools

Equipment and tools to get the water to go down.

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Camera Inspection, Locator and Reporting

Cameras are the tools that bring drain cleaning to a surgical level.  Being able to locate and pin point the problem is an incredible service.  Camera Inspections and reports are becoming mandatory in many cities around the country, easy money.

RIDGID Mini Camera

We needed a camera that could go through an 1 1/2″ drain and inspect a 6″ line.

The RIDGID Mini is 200′ work horse.  I inspected 380,000′ before I had my first repair.

RIDGID Micro Drain

We had to be able to inspect kitchen sink lines while we are using our Baby Clog Dogs. 
The RIDGID Mini allows us to inspect 1 1/2″ lines; even while using Flex Shaft.


We needed to be accurate in locating lines because plumbers and excavators pay us really good money to do so.

RIDGID’s SEEKTECH is fast and accurate.

Reporting Software

If you inspect a drain and no one is there to see it does it make you money?

Reporting your camera inspections gives your customers the evidences they need to make good desisions.  It also give you a platform to present solutions.

Buy Camera Inspection and Reporting Tools

Cameras give our industry a state of the art image.  Using a camera is a big money maker.

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Clog Remediation & Pipe Rehabilitation

Most anyone can unplug a drain and get it to flow; Clog Squad eliminates the cause of the blockage. We renew the pipe to it’s original luster, size and shape.  This sometimes takes every tool we have in our arsenal.

Large Clog Dog

The Large Clog Dog enables us to go through a 2″ clean out and clean a 6″ line.

Sometimes we have to go out over 100′, the Large Clog Dogs have 125′, giving us enough Flex Shaft to get the job done.

Small Clog Dog

We can give our customers a 3 year warranty after using the Baby Clog Dog, that’s how well it cleans grease out of the line.

Great on urinals, lavs and cleaning stack on a high rise.

RIDGID K-50-5/8"

When the the Baby Clog Dog fails to clean the line.  We grab the K-50 and a 5/8″ Cable.

If that doesn’t work we use the Jetter.

Buy Pipe Rehabilitation Tools

The best tools to eliminate the cause of the clog; grease, roots, tuberculation and uric build up.

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Point Repair

When you use a sewer camera you discover the cause of the clog.  Do you want to dig it up or do you want to put a stint in the line to repair the problem.  Point repair is a great way to fix a problem with out digging or cutting up dry wall.

Point Repair

Point repairs can be done both inside and outside of buildings. Wire ties are not required, no more half expanded patches.

Cures in Minutes

You can choose the cure time.  We like to use a resin that cures in 90 minutes.

Tee and Wye Patching

Need to patch an elbow, tee, wye or trap?  We can show you how.

Buy Tools and Supplies for Point Repairs

The best tools for point repairs at the lowest prices possible.

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Private Lateral Relining

Having the tools to finish the job.

USA Designed Drum

We asked SACPRO to design a drum that we could line over 100 feet with and still get into a Michigan Basement with ease.

Patent Pending

The Ulimate Drum

This bad boy is 70lbs lighter and 8 inches narrower, has adjustable handles and the ability to separate in seconds.

Watch the Video

This Drum is so lite that two old guys can move it around with out breaking a sweat or a hip.

Buy Private Lateral Lining Tools and Supplies

The best tools for relining and point repairs at the lowest prices possible.

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Relining Indoors

Having the tools to finish the job.

Relining Indoors

Scandinavian Relining Company can show you the easy and effective way to line inside buildings.

Build Tools that Work

Inversion doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Making a Caltube is a great money maker. 

Buying Smart Tools

Knowing what tools, methods and materials that work in the field it priceless.

We wasted a lot of money to find affordable tools.

Buy Tools and Supplies for Relining Indoors

The best tools for relining at the lowest prices possible.

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Reinstating-Problem Solving

Having the tools to finish the job.

Buy a Complete Van Package

Turnkey drain cleaning business.  Use your van or ours.  Use your name or ours.  We will even train your guys to get them up to speed and making money for you quicker.

Turnkey Business

Van Package

State of the Art Tools

Winning Team

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