Why can't plumbers find workers?

Not a Cool Job

Do you think any students are dreaming of cleaning drains? I am certain high school counselors and parents are not pointing kids in this direction. I am sure most people think we clean drains because we don't have a choice.


Our industry is dying, more people are leaving than are coming. We need some help with a public relations campaign to change the image of plumbers and drain cleaners.

We are looking for passionate speakers, recruiters and trainers who can represent the Drainage Industry to our schools in a positive light.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cool techy equipment helps the image. Using CCTV cameras and locators proves professionalism. Clog Dogs and Flex Shaft take the dirty out of the dirty job of cleaning drains. Relining pipe takes away the, "if you don't study you will be digging ditches" threat that my parents used on me.

by making work cool again

Where is the work right now?

1 %
Skilled JObs

Right now, 50% of available jobs are begging for Skilled Workers.

6% of Graduates get a Skill

6.3 Jobs for Every Student

1 %
College Degree

Currently, 35% of all the jobs on the market today require a college degree.

69.7% of Graduates enroll in College

1/2 Job Per Student

1 %

Today, 15% of all the jobs are for unskilled workers.

24.3% of Students Competing

2/3rd Job Per Student

End the War on Work

Make Working Cool Again

Bring Skill Centers Back to School

Take the Dirty out of the Dirtiest Job

Share your Success Story with Us

WANTED: 5,600,000 Skilled Workers

Mission to Close the Skills Gap

Go to School

Speaking in High Schools to show students how cool it is to clean drains.

Vocation Education

Offer secondary education that teaches students in the class and in the field.

Job Placement

Build a Tech Program- offer the industry highly trained workers.

Life is Short, learn the stuff that matters.

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Clog Squad Academy’s mission to close the skills gap by speaking in schools is funded from selling our partner’s products.


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